Our wallpapers have been making homes more beautiful for almost 100 years

Swedish wallpaper tradition

Duro is a concept. From the very beginning, our goal has been to produce wallpaper of the highest quality with roots in Swedish cultural heritage. Our work and our products are based on caring for the customer, our environment and our love for design.

We are very proud to cherish ours cultural heritage and Swedish wallpaper tradition.

Quality in every inch

To ensure the quality of our wallpapers, the paint and surface varnish used in our factory are manufactured by ourselves. Our traditional printing method gives color relief and a feeling of a hand printed product. Our wallpapers are also durable and easy to handle. The surface layer also makes the wallpaper easy to wipe off if an accident occurs. Together with the knowledge available among the staff in our laboratory and the craftsmanship among our printers, we can guarantee the highest quality when you choose a product from us.

It should be easy to wallpaper and the result sustainable, from all perspectives.

With consideration of our enviroment

All our paints and surface varnishes are today waterborne and solvent free. As the production takes place with us, we have full control over both content, supply chains and quality. Excess paint we take care of in one go environmentally friendly way and paper waste from production we convert to heat.

It gives a good environment, both for us who work in the factory, and for you outside.

Crafts from the North of Sweden

Duro is one of the few wallpaper companies that has survived and still conducts full-scale production in Sweden. The whole manufacturing process, from design sketch for finished product, takes place inside the walls of Sweden's oldest wallpaper factory in Hagaström, Gävle.

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