The collection Flora

We believe there are endless beautiful homes out there. With Flora, we have created ours. We have dressed it in blooming patterns that bring to mind summer, birdsong and a scent of rain.

Gammalsvenska Klassiker

In this collection, fragments from the past have been carefully selected and lovingly reworked into new wallpapers, creating memories for new generations. 

Discover our timeless classics

Happy and harmonious homes

We have a range of unique wallpapers to create a happy, harmonious home. All our wallpapers feature classic, timeless Swedish design. They will outlast fads and fashions, and will be just as beautiful in years to come as they are today. Duro wallpapers are of the highest quality, and are safe for your family and our environment. Made in Gävle, they suit the grandest castle or the humblest hut. Our wallpapers will help you create a home to love for generations.

Limited Edition 2023

Limited Edition 2023 is designed by Sigurd Lewerentz (1885-1975), one of Sweden's most famous architects of all time. The collection features three of Lewerentz's iconic designs from the Stockholm Exhibition 1930. 


To make room for new collections we must say goodbye to two beloved ones, Atmosfär III and Atmosfär QuickUp. We do this by offering you a 50 % discount on the products.