Discover our new collection Akvarell

Discover our monochrome collection Akvarell, which consists of 60 carefully selected colors, each with an associated NCS code. With shades that reflect nature’s rich color changes and soothing elements, Akvarell creates a timeless and cozy atmosphere in your home.

Mix and match with Akvarell

With 60 carefully selected colours, each listed with its nearest NCS code, it is now easier than ever to create perfect combinations between plain and patterned wallpapers. Find your personal favorite and let your creativity flow with Akvarell!

Happy and harmonious homes

We have a range of unique wallpapers to create a happy, harmonious home. All our wallpapers feature classic, timeless Swedish design. They will outlast fads and fashions, and will be just as beautiful in years to come as they are today. Duro wallpapers are of the highest quality, and are safe for your family and our environment. Made in Gävle, they suit the grandest castle or the humblest hut. Our wallpapers will help you create a home to love for generations.

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To make room for new collections we must say goodbye to two beloved ones, Atmosfär III and Atmosfär QuickUp. We do this by offering you a 50 % discount on the products.