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Svindersviken is based on the stately and well-known summer resort of Svindersvik in Nacka outside Stockholm. The pattern is in typical rococo style. The style came from France and was more informal than before. The colours were bright and the floral trails graceful. There was great interest in China. People also wanted to be closer to nature, and plant motifs inspired the wealthy households. In the 18th century both printed and painted wallpapers existed. The painted wall panels had the highest status as they could be painted with freer variety and with more colours. However, it was common for hand-painted wall panels to have repeating patterns as well. The hand-painted version of our wallpaper tries to imitate the Chinese style with growing trees, flowers and leaves that fill the whole room. Svindersvik is considered one of the country's best-preserved Rococo establishments.
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CollectionGammalsvenska QuickUp
Roll length10,05 m
Width53 cm
Pattern height53 cm
Pattern fittingOffset 26,5 cm
WashabilityHigh washability
Light fastnessVery good light fastness
RoomBedroom, Living room
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