Lydias Gård

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Lydias Gård
Lydias gård is named after Lydia who sent in the Art Nouveau wallpaper fragment. During the 1890s and onwards, a new modern style began to spread rapidly. There was a desire to move away from old patterns and historical styles. Now people wanted to bring light, air, and colour into their homes. Craftsmanship was to be equated with art. The new style was called Jugend or Art Noveau. The patterns found on Jugend wallpaper often depicted stylised plants in rhythmic repetition. Jugend patterns grow upwards, and they are almost always organic. The stems of flowers form trails and are used decoratively. Poppies, lilies, and peonies were particularly popular. Greens dominated and appeared in many different shades alongside yellow, pink and brick red.
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CollectionGammalsvenska QuickUp
Roll length10,05 m
Width53 cm
Pattern height53 cm
Pattern fittingOffset 26,5 cm
WashabilityHigh washability
Light fastnessVery good light fastness